About the Artist

My name is Yoffy and throughout my life, I've always been drawn to the art of storytelling, and to musical concepts where stories are told over multiple songs and over a longer period of time. Examples of these masterpieces include The Who's Tommy, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Genesis' Lambs, Bowie's Ziggy, Prince Paul's Thieves, and of course Phish's Gamehendge. These operas exhibit musical artistry and storytelling that captivates and inspires both my life, and my creative expression.

I am particularly drawn to Trey Anastasio's senior thesis, Gamehendge. Much like Tommy, each character is unique, distinct, and astonishingly fascinating. I distinctly remember being 18 and in early college in the late 90s. My best friend Max and I would drive around the beautiful desert in Tucson, pondering multi-beasts, knights in shining armor, and crushing on Tela and the sky blue mirror of her eyes.

I think the most intriguing character in Gamehendge is the faithful, Famous Mockingbird. His martyr-esque role in the saga of Gamehendge to free the Lizards from evil King Wilson's oppression is as inspiring as it is pivotal. The music itself is beautifully crafted as its fluttering notes soar through the air as the mockingbird progresses in his mission to help save all the people in his land.

In our world, mockingbirds (Mimus polyglottos) are just as bold and also infamous for their song, singing it all day and even into the night. They often mimic the sounds of birds and frogs around them, including blackbirds, hawks, jays, killdeer, orioles, shrikes, and many others. And they also go on learning new sounds throughout their lives and sing them.

As a lifelong music fan, artist, and designer, I am now turning my attention and artistic style to focus on music and the musicians who craft such beautiful experiences for our ears. The sounds made by other human beings have inspired both my life, and my art, and I am forever grateful. As I move forward under the alias of the Famous Mockingbird, I hope to achieve artwork that is meaningful, has visual rhythm with colorful melodies, and mimics harmonic notes from the artists and musicians who came before me.