Like a Virgin and Child
Like a Virgin and Child

Like a Virgin and Child

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6' x 5'. Acrylic on Canvas. 2008. 

My first sensual dream when I was a young teenager was pretty intense and I still remember it vividly to this day. I'll spare you the details, but just like this painting the main character of this teenage fantasy was Madonna. 

And as any person that has gone through art school, you've seen and memorized plenty of old master painters and plenty of versions of Madonna and Child paintings. For this piece, I've combined my teenage fantasy with that of Rafael's Madonna and Child to complete create the aptly titled play-on-words: Like a Virgin and Child.



Sometimes the edge of a painting will grab me, sometimes a corner. And it will attempt to wrap me up, often succeeding and suffocate me,
and then spit me out.

Highway Bill
Chelsea, NY

Some would say art is from within, you know, a spiritual thing. I don't buy that crap, not for a single second. I would have to say art is from without. A painting is like life,
not your life, not my life. In fact, not life at all.

Leigh Fordham
Los Angeles, CA


What to expect

After my 10 year hiatus, my newer painting style will still incorporate crafted color theory and modern flat design, but with more detail in both shape, form, and color, than ever before. The subject matter will include musician portraits, band and song themes, and to hold true to mockingbird instinct, mashups of other visual artists on the music scene.
(🎶 Melt 🎶)