Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

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18" x 24". Print on wood. 2013. Signed, Edition of 2.
SOLD, The Yeager Collection 

My parents had so many Dylan CDs growing up, along with other great albums, like Taj Mahal, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Traffic, and Little Feat. I remember a time in middle school in the mid-90s, where somehow my parents CDs would be magically transported to my CD collection down the hall. Dylan was a quintessential part of my musical upbringing and aural exploration. I also have really fond memories of coming back from college at the University of Arizona, creating an art studio in the back of my parent's garage, and playing Blood on the Tracks on repeat. I was 18, and everything about that album just spoke to me, and fit everything I knew about life at the time. A semester later, I left Arizona and headed to art school at Virginia Commonwealth University, where Dylan's work continued to shape my artwork and drape the background soundtrack to those days.



Sometimes the edge of a painting will grab me, sometimes a corner. And it will attempt to wrap me up, often succeeding and suffocate me,
and then spit me out.

Highway Bill
Chelsea, NY

Some would say art is from within, you know, a spiritual thing. I don't buy that crap, not for a single second. I would have to say art is from without. A painting is like life,
not your life, not my life. In fact, not life at all.

Leigh Fordham
Los Angeles, CA


What to expect

After my 10 year hiatus, my newer painting style will still incorporate crafted color theory and modern flat design, but with more detail in both shape, form, and color, than ever before. The subject matter will include musician portraits, band and song themes, and to hold true to mockingbird instinct, mashups of other visual artists on the music scene.
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